About HeMai

HeMai SYSTEM FURNITURE CO. LTD. was founded in 2011, but before that, it had accumulated experience over two decades. With the enthusiasm for promoting eco-friendly system cabinets, HeMai not only adheres to the motto of “Quality and service first”, it also stretches to the ideal of “Green thinking and professional quality”, under which the Company exhibits its care for Earth and friendliness to environment by specialized processing techniques and insisting in using safe, reliable green and healthy panels from secondary forest.

The Company uses world-renowned machinery from German HOMAG Group and is a model HOMAG factory. We insist in and promote the use of F1 panels (F★★★★(≦0.3mg/L)) that are consistent with presently the most strict regulation on formaldehyde content. In our factories, centralized dusters are provided and the production of waste is minimized to maintain the environment. Comfortable working environment and human rights management both increase efficiency and coherence among employees, extending new hope for the environment as well as the society.

By high degrees of cooperation and meeting technical requirements to even smallest details, HeMai owns customers in a wide spectrum covering from government agencies, hospitals to schools and construction firms, as well as many professional partners in cooperation to provide highly flexible customized services. Meantime, the Company also exports to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and other overseas regions, while keeping its commitment to strict quality, environmental protection and fervent services as its goal of sustainable operation.