Aluminum Loft Bed

This trendy bed has frame set of round aluminum that features streamline shape and can be removably assembled fast with screws of one single specification. Standing up to SGS certified impact tests of over 200 kg, it suits every age group. The bed set comprising a loft bed and a full set of furniture under it is just right for the crowded houses in urban areas, or making more free space in young students’ rooms.
A wide range of dormitory from school, corporation to the military and temporary dorm of any kind of group is suited, as the bed set is highly mobile with easy assembly and disassembly as well as the availability of various patterns to meet different needs. The product features primarily coziness, safety and durability based on the combination of composite materials, including Europe-produced F1-grade(F★★★★(≦0.3mg/L))healthy, green panel of very low content of formaldehyde that comes in diverse surface patterns and colors, resists abrasion and is easy to maintain, free from both the structural instability of whole wooden products and the coldness of metal ones.


Frame of aluminum and steel hardware, eco-friendly, recyclable and resistant to rust and deformation; head and end boards of low-formaldehyde, flame retardant green panel, CNS2215 and 8736 compliant.
Surface coating of static powder application, eco-friendly and nontoxic, up to ASTM and ROHS standards.
Passed SGS-certified safety tests, including 200 kg load test and 200 kg impact test. Comprehensive K/D assembly assures secureness and rigidity. Steel ladder touches the floor is ergonomic, and steps integrate with non-slip strips.

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Why Use Aluminum Loft Bed

<strong>Why Use Aluminum Loft Bed</strong>

We produce furniture by using aluminum alloy because the intensity of aluminum alloy is relatively high, the strength of aluminum alloy very close to high-quality steel, the plasticity of aluminum furniture is good and processing aluminum furniture is very convenient.

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Type Of Aluminum Loft Bed

Single Bed 3ft / 3.5ft
Single Bed 5ft
Single Bed with Wardrobe
Bunk Bed

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Case Sharing

<strong>Case Sharing</strong>

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