Factory Procedure

Customer places an order

The production management department makes schedule of production, ensuring delivery to customer on time.

Confirmation on drawings

The material allotting persons discuss and confirm the design drawings with the customer to ensure the items to be produced will meet customer requirements.

Material allocation & production

The material allotting persons break down precisely production dimensions with the help of professional software to enhance production efficiency and accuracy.

Board cutting

For panel cutting, high-spec machines from German HOMAG are used; marking is optimized with the help of the software Cut Rite, to greatly increase production efficiency and reduce material waste. The cutters also print out barcodes automatically, enhancing the whole operation procedure of the factory.

Edge banding

While HeMai seeks innovated materials, it constantly pursues advance in machine quality. HeMai thus newly incorporates Taiwan’s first Homag hot-air edge banding machine, which brings the banding quality up to a level of zero joint; it also realizes perfectly special edge banding that average machines cannot.


For drilling machine, the CNC equipment from world-famous German HOMAG is opted, which is capable of accuracy and efficiency in drilling holes as well as realizing any special patterns.


HeMai has incessantly made effort in the innovation of styling pattern by employing the characteristics of materials to constant development of new styles of product. With ingenuity in variation of shape in combination with colors, an unlimited variety of new patterns can be created.


Each piece of material part is attached with a barcode label to ensure, by digital counting, every item is actually produced.