Insisting in providing consumers with an environment of toxicant-free and zero-pollution system furniture, the Company imports famous brands from Europe like KAINDL and EGGER. The Company also uses only safe, flame-retarding, anti-moisture, nontoxic, formaldehyde-free eco-friendly panels of F1(F★★★★(≦0.3mg/L))grade.

The brand KAINDL was born in 1897.As the oldest flooring industry pioneer , KAINDL group has been inputtingthe outcome of the European industrial revolution into board manufacturing industries throughout its 110 years history.The progress of MFC chip board, wood flooring, compoundflooring ,three-layer wood floor and high-tech flooring are closely related to the success of board industry. It keeps pushingall thehigh-end board standard to another level. Over one hundred years, it has occupied a large market share in Europe .

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In 1961, Mr.Fritz •EGGER established the first particleboard factory in St. Johann in Tirol.
EGGER’s motto:" Creations are from wood !" This slogan has become the incentive, motivation and obligation of European wooden board brand not only a slogan , it is to become the leading brand in Europe EGGER wooden base plate of an incentive , motivation and obligation.

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Mauro saviola

The Saviola Group synergistically integrates several national and international companies focused on three worlds: wood, chemical, and furniture. The consolidated turnover of the Group has placed it for years among the top 300 Italian industrial realities and among the leaders in the world in its sectors.

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