ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification

ISO 9001 claims organization procedure of enterprises from design, development, manufacture, transportation, sales and service. ISO is the Abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization. This organization announced the International standard of quality control system in 1987 to provoke enterprise’s attention to quality and standard. It is a fair, just and objective asserting standard verified by a third party to give buyers confidence on the product or the service. It also provides sellers the best way to deal with quality management and promotion to reduce the conflict between sellers and buyers and the asserting cost.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

SO 14000 is the worldwide international standard for the environmental management system. In UK, there are over 6,000 organizations verified by ISO 14001, and so are 111,000 organizations over 138 countries and regions in the world. ISO 14001 is a critical standard of environmental management system. There are three basic environmental policy claims of ISO 14001: pollution prevention, abidance by laws and regulations, environmental management system improvement. These commitments improve the performance of the whole surrounding.