HeMai uses prestige brands from Taiwan and abroad in respect of hardware, which is a keystone of good cabinets.


Blum is a leading brand in specialized hardware in Europe.

Blum’s furniture hardware solutions not only render a feeling experience in the opening/closing of furniture but also increase comfort of operation in household, particularly the kitchen. Across the globe, over 6,800 workers are dedicated to the realization of Blum’s quest for perfect motions.

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Over the past 100 years, Hettich has been devoted to the development and manufacture of technical products that suit the furniture industry. Hettich boasts a glorious history full of many outstanding engineering feats and business decision that is pioneering. In 1888,Karl Hettich developed a purposed machine, called bending machine that makes mechanized production of anchor escapement mechanism for Black Forest cuckoo clocks possible.

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Hafele was established in 1923 in Nagold, Germany. The Thierer family, cofounder, operated it from a local hardware solution expert to be a global group. Now the Hefele Group is run by the third-generation members of the family, who also owns all the Company’s shares.
The Hafele Hardware Group, founded by the German Swabian family in 1923 and based in Nagold, has over the years been a solid partner for the furniture industry, carpenters, specialty stores, architects and designers as well as real estate developers and investors. In Germany, the Group owns more than a dozen branches and offices staffed with over 100 experts to serve the customers.

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King Slide has a business philosophy of excellent products, innovation and customer first.
With a background of outstanding punching technique and mold design, King Slide has over two decades played a role of changer of household quality by providing the industries and specializing areas with products that are of high quality and competitive. As the Company has undergone the moment that was most drifting in human history with our customers and friends, we are more able to understand the value of interdependence, perfection upon perfection, and thriving together.

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Salice holds a well-established position worldwide by virtue of its natural talent for innovation, careful attention to quality, efficiency of customer service, and reliability earned during more than 80 years of experience.

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Grass America is a quality driven manufacturer of functional hardware and accessories. Our movement systems are first class and found in kitchens, baths, and office facilities around the US. Our manufacturing facility is located in North Carolina and has distribution points located across the US.

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