Choice of edge banding

Like the material of boards for system panels, edge banding is also an important link. Without edge banding, or if the edge banding is with any flaw or gap, the base material is literally exposed directly to the air, where it is subjected not only to damping but also to damage from water infiltration. HE MAI chooses edge bands that are of solid and durable quality, show clear wooden texture and beautiful colors, and are colorfast. HE MAI demands high quality, such that the edges, square or in special shapes, are fabricated by delicate techniques to perfectly display a treat to the eye and the hand.

Doellken is reputed worldwide. It provides system furniture manufacturers with edge bands of all kinds which match system boards to an almost perfect extent. The key to its being the world’s leading supplier is the existence of production bases in four continents, which gives the Company intimate knowledge of the trendy elements in the furniture markets at every spot of the world, and allows it to accommodate well the market demands of its clients and to provide what the clients need rapidly. Over 15000 colors and effects of surface treatment are supplied based on its abundant experience in the production by plastic extrusion.

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Green certification

• Products, production processes and production base reviewed in wide scope
• Products under test should be put to over 10,000 individual chemical tests.
• By ISO standards, tests should be performed at high-tech stainless steel labs.
• To be awarded GreenGuard certification, the products should pass EPA, German Blaue Engel and emission standard test by California-recognized professional testing institutions.
• A product should be tested every year in order to hold these green certifications.