Choice of cleaning agents

While HE MAI is particular about health and environment when it comes to materials, we also safeguard the consumers in respect of cleaning agents used in the process of production. Unlike the system cabinet fabricators out there, we never use cleaning agents that are highly polluting and unhealthy (for example, toluene and cleaning naphtha); throughout the process of production in pursuit of quality, environment protection and health, we rigorously control every detail for the benefit of consumers.


RIEPE helps, through R&D over years, clients in perfecting the quality of edge banding process. RIEPE developed independently stripper, anti-static cooling agent and cleaning agents specifically for RIEPE spray system. At present, RIEPE is distributing to the entire world through large distributor networks; so that wherever you are, you can buy RIEPE products. By close cooperation with leading machine suppliers, excellent edge band manufacturers and bond makers, we assure our products meet the up-to-date requirements. By using the unique RIEPE products, you will be able to effectively control costs and upgrade your product standards to a new technical level.

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