HeMai Events

Events of HeMai and the latest industrial information
  • 2011-10Preparation
  • 2012-04Officially operation
  • 2012-09DECO Home magazine interview
  • 2012-10Japanese guest, MUJI visit
  • 2012-12Austrian board manufacturer, EGGER and Weizuo development visit
  • 2013-03Colombian guest, ALTEK visit
  • 2013-03Austrian board manufacturer, KAINDL and Ende Technology visit
  • 2013-04Cooperation with school of design of Asia University - "Customized system furniture industry innovation service plan"
  • 2013-05Italian guest, Europlak visit
  • 2013-06Basic interior design class of school of continuing education of Chinese Culture University off-campus visit
  • 2013-06Panels & Furniture Asian board magazine "TAIWAN TOP QUALITY" Interview
  • 2013-07Visit Italian company EUROPLAK
  • 2013-08Invest HOMAG PROFILINE 380
  • 2013-09Authorized by Disney as OEM factory
  • 2013-10Issuing the authorized trader by Taichung City Government
  • 2013-11Visit the construction company with EUROPLAK
  • 2013-12Cooperation with Asian university and happiness space academia — old hotel renovation
  • 2013-12Symposium of Macau University of Science and Technology
  • 2014-02Italian supplier, Cinetto visit
  • 2014-07Verified and issued certificates by ISO
  • 2014-09HeMai company trip
  • 2014-11 EGGER chief executive visit
  • 2014-11Department of International Business of Asia University off-campus visit
  • 2014-12Asia General manager and business manager of Doellken visit
  • 2015-02Staff dinner party
  • 2015-06Panasonic kitchenware factory visit in Kitakyushu, Japan
  • 2015-06Completed the surveillance audit and certified by Intertek
  • 2015-09Acknowledgement - Creative kitchen furniture
  • 2016-03Certificate of membership of society of fireproof & green building material and interior decoration
  • 2016-05To elevate the quality of edge banding, a hot-air edge bander was recently introduced, the very first Homag one in Taiwan
  • 2016-05Certificate of membership of Taichung Municipality Association of Interior Designers & Decoration
  • 2016-08LAMITAK of Singapore visits.   View LAMITAK website
  • 2017-05Visit the panel manufacturing proces of KAINDL in Austria.
  • 2017-05Department of Interrior Design of Asia University visits Hemai
  • 2018-06Egger Overseas Marketing Director George Visit Hemai