♦ Luxe by ALVIC

Panels manufactured with the same technology as LUXE for a collection that incorporates attractive designs and patterns especially selected to match our range of LUXE colours. A highly decorative collection for specific application in projects with a spirit of exclusivity.

AL131 Cuzco Silver

AL135 Cuzco Oro

♦ Zenit by ALVIC

Fibreboard treated in a variety industrial processes to obtain a panel with a super-matte finish. ZENIT panel surfaces boast excellent physical and mechanical performance. Its properties include: high scratch and abrasion resistance, virtual absence of reflectivity, high colour fastness, non-marking surface in Metaldecó finish (see technical data sheet). ZENIT comes in two finishes, Super-matte and Metaldecó, and eight trendy colours. It is ideal for vertical planes in all kinds of decorative product.

AZ607 Metaldeco Antracita Sm

AZ301 Supermatt Blanco


♣ ALVIC color